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At the APG's first Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan (March 1998) the membership established two Co-Chairs:

  • A chair held by Australia (as host of the Secretariat); and
  • A rotating chair occupied for a two-year term by another APG member.

The current Co-Chairs are Commissioner Andrew Colvin (Australia) and Mr Frank McLaughlin (New Zealand) as follows:

Commissioner Andrew Colvin (Australia) - appointed 2012

Commissioner Andrew Colvin (Australia) - appointed 2012

Commissioner Andrew Colvin joined the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in 1990 and was appointed to his current role in October 2014.  Immediately prior to this, Commissioner Colvin held the position of Deputy Commissioner responsible for National Security.  In 2013 he was appointed Deputy Commissioner responsible for AFP Close Operations Support, and from 2010 to 2013 he was the Deputy Commissioner Operations. During his career Commissioner Colvin has had a number of portfolio responsibilities including serious and organised crime, counter terrorism, terrorism financing, high tech crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and politically motivated crime. Between 2002 and 2005, he managed the national and international aspects of the AFP’s response to terrorism, including the 2002 Bali bombings, the 2003 Jakarta Marriott Hotel bombing and the 2004 Australian Embassy bombing. Commissioner Colvin was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the 2002 Bali bombing investigation. He holds a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Commissioner Colvin assumed APG Co-Chair responsibilities on behalf of Australia in May 2012.

Mr Frank McLaughlin (New Zealand) - appointed 2014

Mr Frank McLaughlin (New Zealand) - appointed 2014

Frank McLaughlin is the Deputy Secretary, Policy at the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.  He has held that role since December 2012. Mr McLaughlin is responsible for all justice policy matters including New Zealand's AML/CFT commitments. Prior to joining the Ministry of Justice Mr McLaughlin was a corporate partner at Chapman Tripp, one of New Zealand's pre-eminent law firms.  As a corporate lawyer Mr McLaughlin was involved in cross border international transactions for New Zealand's largest exporter, advised some of New Zealand's major banks and managed funds, and the governments of various Pacific nations.  Mr McLaughlin worked with the New Zealand Government on designing and overseeing the implementation of various financial regulatory frameworks and advised the New Zealand Government on the regulation of financial intermediaries, the Crown financial deposit taker guarantee scheme, and aspects of New Zealand's financial markets law. Mr McLaughlin was appointed by the Government in 2010 to be a member of the New Zealand Financial Markets Establishment Board responsible for establishing a new financial market regulator for the New Zealand financial markets.

Mr McLaughlin assumed APG Co-Chair responsibilities on behalf of New Zealand in July 2014.

Previous Co-chairs

Previous rotating Co-Chairs have come from the following APG members:

  • Philippines, Department of Foreign Affairs, 1998-2000;
  • Malaysia, Central Bank of Malaysia, 2000-2002;
  • Korea, Korea Financial Intelligence Unit, 2002-2004;
  • Japan, Japan Financial Intelligence Office, Financial Services Agency, 2004-2006;
  • Indonesia, Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, 2006-2008;
  • Singapore, Commercial Affairs Department, 2008-2010;
  • India, Directorate of Enforcement, 2010-2012;
  • China, Anti-Money Laundering Bureau of the People’s Bank of China, 2012-2014.

Incoming Co-Chair, 2016-2018:   Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was formally endorsed at the APG's 16th Annual Meeting as the Co-Chair for 2016-2018. Sri Lanka has already hosted a number of APG workshops and meetings including the Annual Typologies Workshop in 2008 and will host an Annual Meeting during its two-year term as Co-Chair.

Future Co-Chair, 2018-2020:   Bangladesh

Bangladesh was formally endorsed by the APG Membership out-of-session in September 2014 as the Co-Chair for 2018-2020.  Bangladesh hosted the 13th APG Typologies Workshop in 2010 and has hosted a number of other APG workshops.  Bangladesh will host the 2016 APG Annual Meeting, and will also host an Annual Meeting during its two-year term as Co-Chair.