2013 APG/EAG Joint Typologies and Capacity Building Workshop, 23-27 September, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

23 Sep 2013, 9:00 AM - 27 Sep 2013, 5:00 PM Mongolia

The 2013 APG/EAG Joint Typologies and Capacity Building Workshop will take place in Ulaanbaatar 23-27 September, hosted by the Government of Mongolia.

This is the first joint event the APG has had with the Eurasian Group On Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (EAG) and is a good example of FSRBs partnering in work with common interests and goals.            

The APG/EAG typologies workshops bring together law enforcement, prosecutors, financial intelligence units and regulatory practitioners from the across the two regions to share knowledge and expertise in order to improve regional cooperation and AML/CFT implementation.  The Typologies Workshop will be immediately followed by a two-day Capacity Building Workshop, which will include private sector representatives and build on previous APG, EAG and FATF typologies studies.

Parliament House and the Tallest Building in Ulaanbaatar

Parliament House and the Tallest Building in Ulaanbaatar

Typologies Workshop: Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 September

Breakout Session A

Topic: The Risk of Terrorist Abuse in the NPO Sector

Information and experience will be shared to increase the understanding of the importance of FATF Recommendation 8 and the issue of terrorist abuse of NPOs. The interactive workshop will also focus on different ways that NPOs can be abused by terrorist organisations, how to identify terrorist abuse in the NPO sector and ways to mitigate such abuse. Case studies from within the APG and EAG, and elsewhere, will be used to illustrate the key issues and the importance of cross-agency and inter-governmental collaboration.


Breakout Session B

Topic: Illicit Financial Flows and the Use of AML/CFT Tools to Combat Corruption

Sharing international and regional experience in identifying the illicit financial flows, and applying AML/CFT tools, to combat and recover the proceeds of corruption.


Breakout Session C

Topic: ML and TF Risks and Vulnerabilities Associated with Gold Production, Movement, Markets and Trade

Regional and global information and cases will be discussed to increase awareness and understanding of the illicit finance threat, the techniques and methods of ML and TF that have been identified, and the involvement of transnational organised crime groups, in relation to crimes associated with gold.

Capacity Building Workshop: Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 September

Seminar Session A

Topic: Financial Inclusion - Meeting the Challenges

The goals of financial inclusion and effective risk-sensitive AML/CFT measures are mutually reinforcing. This interactive seminar will share regional experiences in addressing financial exclusion, as well as discussing the use of the FATF Guidance paper1 that focuses on facilitating access to formal services for financially excluded and underserved groups.


Seminar Session B

Topic: AML/CFT and New Technologies - Understanding Virtual Currencies

This joint seminar with private sector representatives will discuss what virtual currency is and how it works. Information will be shared on the experience of virtual currency issues across the APG and EAG regions. Cases studies will be presented in order to assist in identifying the ML / TF risks and vulnerabilities of virtual currencies; and discussion will cover the experience following the money trail and what opportunities exist for cooperation.