Mutual Evaluations

Mutual Evaluation Committee

Mutual Evaluation Committee

The APG Terms of Reference 2012 provide that working groups may be formed to address the APG’s work between meetings. Members (and observers, if agreed by members) may participate in all APG committees (inlcuding any required ad hoc committees) and workshops.

Goal 3 in the APG Strategic Plan 2016-2020 requires the APG to conduct and respond to the assessment of members’ compliance with, and implementation of, the FATF standards. The strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Conduct the APG’s third round of mutual evaluation programme.
  • Respond to mutual evaluations with follow-up processes.
  • Support the mutual evaluation programme and follow-up with experts, training and procedures.
  • Participate in the FATF’s ICRG and its processes on behalf of APG members.

In 2013 APG members agreed to the establishment of a Mutual Evaluation Working Group which was renamed as the Mutual Evaluation Committee ("ME Committee") in 2017.

Documents for the ME Committee meetings are available to APG members and observers in the Documents area in the secure section of the website.

Click on the link to the right (move cursor over picture) for a copy of the ME Committee Terms of Reference 2012.


The purpose of the ME Committee is to:

  • Support implemention of the 3rd round of mutual evaluations, including follow-up.
  • Support completion of 2nd round mutual evaluation follow-up.
  • Contribute to the quality and consistency of 3rd round mutual evaluation reports and mutual evaluation follow-up reports.
  • Oversee implementation of the APG's 3rd round of mutual evaluations.
  • Liaise with the Operations Committee and the Donors and Providers (DAP) Group.
  • Collaborate with the FATF’s Evaluations and Compliance Group.
  • Support assessor training, pre-mutual evaluation training and other training related to the FATF standards.
  • Identify implementation issues contained in MERs and ME follow-up reports and draw them to the membership’s attention, as required.
  • Identify any mutual evaluation process or procedural issues and make recommendations to the membership for improvement.
  • Participate as required in the delivery of APG assessor training, pre-mutual evaluation training and FATF standards training.


The ME Committee consists of expert representatives from APG members and observer jurisdictions and observer organisations. Members of the committee should have experience in undertaking mutual evaluations, reviewing mutual evaluation follow-up reports and/or have undertaken assessor training using the FATF's assessment methodology 2013.

Membership may be on a fixed term or ad hoc basis.

Committee members are usually nominated during APG annual meetings however the committee co-chairs may consider nominations between meetings if necessary.

ME Committee Co-Chairs

The ME Committee co-chairs (effective 2018) are Australia and Macao, China.