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Acknowledgement of the contributions by Razim Buksh to the APG

14 June 2023

Mr Razim Buksh, Director of the Fiji FIU, and head of Fiji’s delegation to the APG for over 20 years, has been presented with a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the APG Co-Chairs, Deputy Commissioner Ian McCartney and Associate Assistant Deputy Minister Julien Brazeau. The Certificate was presented to Mr Buksh at the recent Pacific Supervisors’ Forum held in Auckland, New Zealand in June 2023 and acknowledges Mr Buksh’s sustained and significant contribution to the APG on from 2002 and 2023, including chairing APG working groups, participating in mutual evaluations, hosting APG events and contributing to making the APG a first class FATF-style regional body.

Mr Buksh has worked for the Reserve Bank of Fiji for the past 35 years, and has been the Director of Fiji’s FIU since 2006. Mr Buksh intends to step down from his role in January 2024.