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APG Governance Committee

APG Governance Committee

The APG Governance Committee has two primary functions. namely to:

(1) provide the APG Co-Chairs and members with strategic advice on the structure and functioning of, and support for, the Asia/Pacific Group.

(2) consider and decide by consensus issues that are referred to it by the APG membership and, in other cases, by the APG secretariat where the committee decides that this is necessary.

The Governance Committee includes a representative from each of five broad geographical areas (sub-regions) within the APG as follows:

  • North Asia;
  • Pacific Islands;
  • South Asia;
  • South East Asia; and

Members in each of these sub-regional groups are required to select a representatives for the Governance Committee in accordance with the APG Governance Committee Terms of Reference 2018.

Click on the link to the right (move cursor over picture) for a copy of the APG Governance Committee Terms of Reference.