APG Regional Webinar Series - Risk Assessments and DNFBPs

16 Jun 2021, 1:00 PM - 16 Jun 2021, 3:00 PM -

The APG, in partnership with Malaysia, aim to initiate a DNFBP Supervisors’ Platform that will allow APG members to continuously share DNFBPs supervision expertise and experiences, by addressing common challenges and gaps on AML/CFT measures, as well as providing DNFBP supervisors the opportunity for ongoing engagement with international counterparts. This is in line with the APG Co-Chairs’ Priorities for 2020-22 on enhancing DNFBPs supervision. The DNFBP Supervision Platform will be initiated through a webinar series to address topics related to risk based supervision in the DNFBP sectors, assessment of the effectiveness of measures taken, and cooperation with the DNFBP sectors in combating ML and TF.  The webinars are best suited to delegates from agencies that are responsible for policy development, regulation, supervision, investigations and enforcement of the DNFBPs sector. This second webinar of the series will focus on risk assessments and DNFBPs, and the regulatory and supervisory strategies to address risk.

Registrations must be submitted through the registration form provided with the invitation no later than 9 June 2021.