Implementation Issues

APG Workshop in Taipei City

30 March 2015

The APG held a workshop on National Risk Assessments and Targeted Financial Sanctions on 24 March 2015 for public and private sector agencies in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei. Over 175 delegates attended the workshop.  Topics included:

  • Key features on FATF recommendation 1;
  • Requirements of the FATF’s methodology on effective assessments under immediate outcome 1;
  • Update on targeted financial sanctions;
  • Technical and policy issues in relation to FATF recommendations 6 and 7; and
  • Core issues in the APG’s third round of mutual evaluations.

The workshop was organised by the Anti-Money Laundering Department and funded by the government of Chinese Taipei.  A separate roundtable meeting was held on 25 March at the Financial Supervisory Commission to discuss the latest developments in AML/CFT supervision and, in particular, the FATF standards in relation to effective supervision of financial and non-financial institutions in immediate outcomes 3 and 4.

Photos: Public and private sector delegates to the workshop

APG Workshop in Taipei City
APG Workshop in Taipei City