Implementation Issues

DNFBP Supervisors' Directory

APG in collaboration with Malaysia, as part of its Co-Chair Priorities for 2020-22, initiated a DNFBP Supervisors’ Platform to:

  • enable APG members to continuously share DNFBP supervision expertise and experience
  • address common challenges and gaps on AML/CFT measures
  • provide supervisors the opportunity for ongoing engagement with international counterparts.

Launched at the 2022 APG Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the APG DNFBP Supervisors’ Directory aims to promote international cooperation and collaboration across the APG region through consolidating contact details of DNFBPs points of contact of each respective APG member jurisdiction to:

  • serve as a central point for the ongoing communication and engagement between APG DNFBP supervisors e.g. policy development, risk and typologies, enforcement actions, guidance, etc. to improve the effectiveness of DNFBPs supervision, in line with the FATF standards;
  • enable APG members to easily identify technical DNFBP experts across the region;
  • increase opportunities for sharing supervisory experiences among the DNBFP supervisors; and
  • promote international cooperation amongst the DNFBP supervisors to monitor the implementation of group-wide measures by DNFBPs operating internationally, in line with the recent FATF’s approval in the clarification of INR.23 on DNFBP groups.  

APG Members can access the APG DNFBP Supervisors’ Directory here and we encourage all jurisdictions to share and update relevant DNFBP points of contact by contacting