Implementation Issues

FATF Combating the abuse of NPOs (Recommendation 8)

The misuse of non-profit organisations (NPO) for the financing of terrorism has captured the attention of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the G7, and the United Nations, as well as national authorities in many regions. Within the FATF, this has rightly become the priority focus of work to implement the FATF Recommendation 8 (Non-profit organisations). The FATF recognizes the intent of the NPO community to promote transparency in NPO operations and to prevent misuse of the sector for terrorist financing. Additionally, the FATF recognises the importance of ensuring that Recommendation 8 is not misinterpreted or misused to suppress NPO activities not related to terrorist financing with the consequence of making the functioning and operation of NPOs more difficult. Where Recommendation 8 is misinterpreted, NPOs have problems in fulfilling their tasks.

(Paragraph 1 - FATF Best Practices Paper on combating the abuse of non-profit  organisations - Recommendation 8)

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