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Money Laundering Risks and Vulnerabilities Associated with Trans-Pacific Drug Trafficking report.

23 August 2021

A recently adopted APG typologies report entitled,'Money Laundering Risks and Vulnerabilities Associated with Trans-Pacific Drug Trafficking' was adopted by the APG membership on 28 July 2021. The project was co-led by Tonga and Vanuatu and is the result of an extensive amount of research over the last number of years.

This report relies on information sourced from Pacific jurisdictions; open source typologies research; reports published by international organisations, such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime; court reports; peer-reviewed journal articles; media reports; and independent consultation with regional experts. It identifies systemic weakness that have facilited drug trafficking in many Pacific jurisdictions and makes a series of recommendations for improved AML/CFT measures for Pacific APG members to combat the threats associated with this transnational crime.

The United States government, through the Department of State, provided funding for the report and the workshops that led to its finalisation. The report is available for member-only access.