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Tonga Mutual Evaluation Onsite Visit

6 November 2019

The onsite visit for Tonga’s 2nd mutual evaluation was conducted from 22 October – 1 November 2019 in Nuku’alofa.

The mutual evaluation team consisted of the following experts:

  • Ms Lillian Ipu, Papua New Guinea (Legal Assessor)

  • Ms Sandy Shum, Hong Kong, China (Legal Assessor)

  • Mr Floyd Mera, Vanuatu (FIU/Law Enforcement Assessor)

  • Ms Connie Chu, Macao, China (FIU/Law Enforcement Assessor)

  • Mr Binod Lamichhane, Nepal (FIU/Law Enforcement Assessor)

  • Mr Jimmy Vajah, Solomon Islands (Financial Assessor)

  • Mr Richard Lee, Australia (Financial Assessor)

    The assessment process was supported by Ms Michelle Harwood and Ms Marnie Campbell of the APG secretariat.

    This mutual evaluation assesses both technical compliance with the FATF international standards and also the effectiveness of Tonga’s implementation of AML/CFT measures, as required under the 2013 FATF assessment methodology.

    During the onsite visit, the evaluation team held meetings with government authorities and representatives from the private sector.  During the visit the team also met with the Honourable Mr Pōhiva Tuʻiʻonetoa, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga.

    The evaluation team acknowledges the cooperation and assistance of the Tongan authorities, and the hospitality extended to the team during the onsite visit.

    Tonga’s mutual evaluation report will be considered and adopted at the next APG Annual Meeting in July 2020.

Tonga Mutual Evaluation Onsite Visit
APG mutual evaluation team with the Hon. Prime Minister of Tonga and officials, October 2019