Mutual Evaluations

Third Round Follow-up Reports

Under the APG's mutual evaluation follow-up procedures, all members are required to report on progress following the adoption of their mutual evaluation report.  In line with the APG’s mutual evaluation procedures, follow-up reports with re-ratings are published on the APG website. If requested by a member, a link will be provided from the APG website to a website of the member on which it has placed additional updates or other information relevant to the actions it has taken to enhance its AML/CFT system, including for effectiveness.

The APG’s joint APG/FATF members are covered by the FATF’s follow-up processes. Joint APG/FATF members’ follow-up reports are adopted by the APG membership.

Available mutual evaluation follow-up reports can be found in the Documents section under the category Mutual Evaluation Follow-up Reports - 3rd Round and Members and Observers.