Pakistan Mutual Evaluation Onsite Visit

25 October 2018

APG 3rd Round Mutual Evaluation of Pakistan

An APG mutual evaluation team visited Islamabad, Pakistan from 8 - 19 October 2018 to conduct a two-week on-site visit for Pakistan’s third round mutual evaluation. The team consisted of six experts as follows:

  • Mr Ashraf Abdulla, Maldives Monetary Authority, Maldives;

  • Mr Boby Wahyu Hernawan, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia;

  • Ms GONG Jingyan, People’s Bank of China, China;

  • Mr Ian Collins, New Scotland Yard, United Kingdom;

  • Mr James Prussing, Department of the Treasury, United States; and

  • Mr Mustafa Necmeddin Oztop, Ministry of Justice, Turkey.

The team was supported by the APG secretariat and conducted extensive meetings with all relevant AML/CFT government departments, agencies and Ministries as well as key private sector reporting entities.  

During the visit the team also met with:

  • Mr Asad Umar, Minister of Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs, and

  • Mr Muhammad Hammad Azhar, State Minister for Revenue.

The on-site visit was organised by the State Bank of Pakistan and the Financial Monitoring Unit. The evaluation team acknowledges the cooperation and extensive organisation of the Pakistan government and the kind hospitality extended to the team during the onsite visit.

Pakistan’s mutual evaluation report will be discussed and adopted at the 22nd APG Annual Meeting in July 2019.

Photo: APG mutual evaluation team with Pakistan Officials, October 2018

Pakistan Group Pic