Indonesia Becomes APG’s 12th joint APG/FATF Member

10 November 2023

The FATF granted full membership to Indonesia at the FATF’s meeting on 27 October 2023. Indonesia has become the FATF’s 40th member and 12th joint member in the APG. In granting membership to Indonesia, the FATF recognised the leading role that Indonesia plays globally in AML/CFT and in the Asia/Pacific region in particular. Indonesia’s membership in both the FATF and APG further strengthens the APG’s voice in the FATF and the regional coverage of AML/CFT in the Asia/Pacific region.

Indonesia’s FATF mutual evaluation report was adopted in February 2023. Since then, Indonesia has delivered on an action plan to respond to the recommendations in the report.

Further details of the outcomes of the October 2023 FATF Plenary, including Indonesia’s accession to the FATF, can be found on the FATF website: