The APG Concludes its 2021 Annual Meeting in Virtual Format

30 July 2021

Major Outcomes

The APG concluded its 2021 plenary after three days of virtual meetings from 27 to 29 July 2021. Deputy Governor Marzunisham Omar of Bank Negara Malaysia and Deputy Commissioner Ian McCartney of the Australian Federal Police co-chaired the meetings. The meetings were hosted by the Government of Malaysia.

41 APG member jurisdictions and 17 international organisations attended the meetings with a number of observer countries joining.  Approximately 200 delegates attended over the three day period as well as the committee meetings held in the lead up to the plenary. 

The principal outcomes of this year’s meeting were the adoption of four mutual evaluation reports:

  • Tonga;
  • Japan (jointly with the FATF);
  • Korea (jointly with the FATF); and
  • New Zealand (jointly with the FATF).

A number of significant typologies reports were also adopted, including:

  • Annual Typologies Report 2021;
  • Report on Money Laundering Risks and Vulnerabilities Associated with Trans-Pacific Drug Trafficking 2021; and
  • Report on Financing and Facilitation of Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Southeast Asia 2021.

These reports and others will be published on the APG website in the coming weeks.

APG members also discussed global initiatives in terrorist financing, digital currency money laundering, digital analytics and technical assistance on combatting money laundering and terrorist financing in the Pacific and in Asia.

Next year’s meeting will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the month of July 2022.

Photo: Front page of virtual meeting screen with Co-Chairs highlighted.
Photo: Front page of virtual meeting screen with Co-Chairs highlighted.