APG Human Trafficking and People Smuggling Workshop 2019

8 May 2019

PPATK (Indonesian FIU) and AUSTRAC (Australian FIU) co-hosted the APG Human Trafficking and People Smuggling Workshop from 8-10 April 2019 in Bandung, Indonesia. The workshop was opened by Mr Kiagus Ahmad Badaruddin, Head of PPATK and Mr Allaster Cox, Charge’ d’affairs for Indonesia, Australian Embassy. The workshop was attended by 64 people from 12 jurisdictions, international organisations, private sector, non-government organisations and civil society. Topics covered included:

  • The role of financial intelligence in countering human trafficking and people smuggling 

  • Law enforcement panel discussion - modern slavery is a crime of many crimes including balancing domestic and international challenges

  • The Bali Process - a regional response to people smuggling

  • A whole of government and regional approach to countering human trafficking and people smuggling

  • The critical role of the non-government sector

  • The legal barriers to non-government organisation involvement in broader anti-human trafficking and people smuggling initiatives – how to collaborate without breaking the law including safe harbour

  • NGOs and data - a new front to countering human trafficking and people smuggling

  • Government – private sector - civil society partnerships

  • The efforts of the financial sector to counter human trafficking

  • Presentation on identifying the financial footprint of trafficking including how the financial and other sectors are used by traffickers including trends

  • A panel discussion on the role of public – private – civil society partnerships and options for the future

The APG secretariat would like to thank Indonesia for hosting the workshop, Australia (AUSTRAC) for funding the workshop and New Zealand for assistance in funding a number of international expert speakers and participants from ASEAN jurisdictions.