Nauru Pre-ME meeting

26 May 2023

The APG assessment team of Nauru held its pre Mutual Evaluation (ME) meeting with authorities over three days from 23-25 May 2023, virtually via the Zoom platform. 

The assessment team consists of the following experts from the region:

Adair Fincher, Palau (Legal Assessor)

Rizumu Yokose, Japan (Financial Assessor)

Kirsty Pleace, New Zealand (Financial Assessor)

Walter Henry, Cook Islands (FIU Assessor)

Tai-Chin Yuan, Chinese Taipei (Law Enforcement Assessor)

The team was supported by Ms Mitali Tyagi, Ms Marnie Campbell and Ms Erica Last of the APG Secretariat.

The assessment team met with authorities from the Department of Justice and Border Control, the Nauru Revenue Office and the Nauru Police Force to discuss various aspects of the ME including Nauru’s technical compliance and effectiveness regarding the international AML/CFT standards.  The assessment team acknowledges the cooperation and assistance of the Nauru authorities and is looking forward to the ME onsite visit in Nauru in October 2023.

Nauru authorities and APG assessment team