APG Implementation Planning and Support (ICRG-related) Visit to Vietnam

20 September 2023

The APG conducted a visit to Vietnam from 11 – 13 September 2023 focused on priority activities and programmes to respond to Vietnam’s FATF ICRG action plan following an invitation from the State Bank of Vietnam.

The APG delegation included representatives from the IMF (Mr Steve Dawe and Mr Clive Scott) and from the UNODC (Mr Ashton Broadhurst and Ms Michelle Harwood) and the APG Secretariat (Mr David Shannon). Participation by the Secretariat was supported by a voluntary contribution to the APG from the government of Chinese Taipei.

The delegation conducted an implementation planning workshop held over two days that included officials from a wide range of AML/CFT ministries and agencies in Vietnam. The delegation also held discussions with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Minister of Public Security, and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam. Other participants included high-level officials and private sector representatives. Vietnam is continuing to make important progress to meet its ICRG-related targets. 

The APG supports its members in the ICRG process and will continue to work with Vietnam and technical assistance donors to ensure coordinated and well-sequenced implementation activities.


Photo: Deputy Minister of Public Security, Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, and senior officials from the MPS meeting with the APG delegation in Hanoi, 12 September 2023

Deputy Minister of Public Security photo