Canadian Co-Chair briefs the UN Counter Terrorism Committee in New York, 21 December 2023

10 January 2024

On 21 December 2023 an APG delegation consisting of the Canadian Co-Chair, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance, Julien Brazeau, and the APG Executive Secretary, Dr Gordon Hook, met with the Executive Director of the UN’s Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED), Ms Natalia Gherman, in New York. Ms Gherman outlined CTED’s extensive programme of activities over the last year and received a summary from the APG Co-Chair of the CFT efforts of the organisation in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Following the meeting, the APG delegation briefed the UN Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Committee on the range of CFT efforts taken by the APG over the last five years to address terrorism financing issues in the Indo-Pacific. The brief included an outline of typologies research projects, including joint projects with the Global Center for Cooperative Security and other FSRBs, mutual evaluation report results on CFT issues, and international cooperation with other bodies including the FATF, FSRBs and international financial institutions.

The APG Co-Chair discussed the state of compliance by APG countries and jurisdictions with FATF Recommendations 5, 6 and 8 and IOs 9 and 10, and noted that the APG needs to do much more in relation to effective mitigation of terrorist financing risks and to countering terrorism financing in the region through the application of criminal justice measures.

Following the briefing, the APG delegation took questions from committee representatives.

Canadian Co-Chair briefs the UN Counter Terrorism Committee in New York, 21 December 2023
Canadian Co-Chair, Julien Brazeau & CTED Executive Director, Natalia Gherman; and CTC committee room