APG Typologies Workshop, 9-11 November 2021

5 December 2021

The APG hosts an annual Typologies Workshop that brings together its member governments, observer organisations and governments, civil society and the private sector to discuss emerging or challenging typologies.  This year, the APG co-hosted the 23rd Typologies Workshop with Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) from 9-11 November. Over 190 representatives attended in a virtual format to explore proliferation financing (PF) risk assessments and the use of public private partnerships (PPPs) in combating money laundering/terrorism financing and proliferation financing. The event attracted renowned experts in their fields, practitioners with hands-on experience and policy makers engaging in active discussions.

On PF, delegates discussed the foundations of PF risk assessments, FATF guidance and current trends and vulnerabilities. Delegates also explored the growth and evolution of PPPs, practical challenges faced in their implementation and operation, and future trends.

The presentations and panel discussions provided delegates with a range of views and unique insights from across the public and private sectors. Policy experts spoke on global trends and experiences whilst representatives from FIUs, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies highlighted the successes and challenges of countering PF and collaborating in PPPs to fight money laundering.   

23rd APG Typologies Workshop, co-hosted by Malaysia (9-11 November 2021)