APG Training Series: Session 2 - ML/TF Risk Assessment and Risk-Based Approach

8 December 2021

The second session of the virtual APG Training Series, 'ML/TF Risk Assessment and Risk-Based Approach', was held on 7 December 2021 and attended by over 30 APG member jurisdictions and observer jurisdictions and organisations.

The session addressed the risks associated with VA/VASPs and conducting sectoral risk assessments, and included some best practice examples.  During the session, members also spoke about their own experiences in assessing risk and understanding the VASP sector.

The third session of the APG Training Series will occur in early 2022, and will focus on how members can implement effective legal frameworks and preventative measures, and will also examine some successful examples in the global network.

APG Training Series - ML/TF Risk Assessment and Risk-Based Approach (7 December 2021)