Mutual Evaluation onsite of Nepal - 5 to 16 December 2022

16 December 2022

The onsite visit for Nepal’s 3rd APG Mutual Evaluation was conducted from 5 to 16 December 2022 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The mutual evaluation team consisted of the following experts from the region:

·         Legal Assessor - Jayneeta Prasad, Fiji

·         Financial Assessor - Suhanna Omar, Malaysia

·         Financial Assessor - Robert Milnes, New Zealand

·         Financial Assessor - Md Khairul Anam, Bangladesh

·         Legal/Law Enforcement Assessor - Minerva Sobreviga-Retanal, Philippines

·         FIU/Law Enforcement Assessor - Ayesh Ariyasinghe, Sri Lanka

·         Law Enforcement Assessor - Shaun Mark, Australia

·         FIU Assessor – Ran Sun, China (virtual)

The assessment process was supported by Mr Shannon Rutherford, Ms Joëlle Woods and Ms Kirsty Struthers.

This mutual evaluation focusses on Nepal’s anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing and counter proliferation financing regime. It assesses both technical compliance with the FATF international standards and the effectiveness of Nepal’s implementation of AML/CFT measures, as required under the 2013 FATF assessment methodology.

The onsite visit was held in a modified hybrid format to accommodate the involvement of Ms Ran Sun who was unable to join the team in person due to ongoing travel restrictions. During the onsite visit, the evaluation team held meetings with government authorities and representatives from the private sector, industry associations and civil society groups.

The evaluation team acknowledges the cooperation and assistance of the Nepal authorities, and the hospitality extended to the team during the onsite visit.

Nepal’s mutual evaluation report will be considered for adoption at the next APG Annual Meeting in July 2023.

Nepal officials and assessment team, Kathmandu
Nepal officials and assessment team, Kathmandu