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WCO/APG Regional Workshop for Customs Authorities on AML/CFT

15 March 2018

The APG, in partnership with the World Customs Organization (WCO),the WCO Regional Office for Capacity Building – Asia/Pacific (ROCB) and the Australian Border Force (ABF), held an Asia/Pacific Regional Workshop on Anti-money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) in Sydney Australia (12 -15 March 2018) with sponsorship of the Japanese Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF Japan) for a number of jurisdictions from the APG region.

The workshop brought together over 40 participants from the Customs administrations of 25 jurisdictions.  The participants benefited from the expertise of facilitators from the ABF, AFP, AUSTRAC, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, ROCB, WCO, and the APG secretariat.  The workshop covered a range of topics, including the introduction to money laundering (ML), trade-based ML, regional panel discussion on developing ML and TF strategies and challenges in the Asia Pacific Region. The agenda included a range of practical exercises culminating in ML and TF investigation to simulate real investigations on these criminal activities.

Group Photo